Online GMAT Preparation

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Key Features of GMAT Coaching:

Online live classes over weekends: At the luxury of attending it right from your home or anywhere.

Access to video-recorded classes and study material: So you do not miss much even if you miss a class due to some professional or personal exigency.

Personalized attention: Only 3-5 students per class

Best in class and well-researched study material: 30 hours of classroom learning, over 1000 solved GMAT like questions of varying difficulty, multiple full-length tests and doubt solving sessions.

Access to online classes and study material for full one year

Course details

  1. Full course
  2. Only quantitative course
  3. Only verbal course

The services details are summarized below.

General Education offers three options of GMAT Counselling services to help you choose the most optimized preparation option based on your specific requirements and desired comprehensiveness of preparation.

Single Session Q/V (1 class)

  1. Candidate can also go for a single class if they feel that they need more practice in a particular area.
  2. Candidate will be provided with the Study material of the class for which they are availing the services.
  3. Duration of the class will be similar to that of a regular class.
  4. A charge for a single session is 2,500 + 18% GST.